Get outside and make the most of your summer with The West Coast Experience! We offer Duke of Ed Bronze, Silver and Gold Practice and Qualifying Journeys right here on Vancouver’s North Shore mountains.

Our hiking based program is designed to put youth in the driver’s seat, helping them to develop a range of outdoor and leadership skills. Our guides help facilitate an experience that is not only safe but also allows youth to make their own decisions as a group to help them create an experience that is their own.

Practice Journeys

Hone your skills and get ready for your Qualifying Journey! The Practice Journey is a great opportunity to figure out your systems and answer any questions you may have prior to your trip. Never been on a backpacking trip before? No problem! Our program is designed to take you from beginner to exemplary backcountry user.

We include a 4-hour Preliminary Training classroom session to help our participants get ready for their trip. Those who have not been a part of a trip with The West Coast Experience are required to join a classroom session before coming on a trip with us. The classroom session allows us to cover important topics that will make your preparation easy and streamlined. These topics include: trip planning, leave no trace ethics, equipment, nutrition and food prep, how to pack a bag and tarp set up.

Practice Journey Pricing & Dates

Bronze (day hike): $169.95 – July 22nd & July 29th (8 am – 4 pm)

Silver (overnight hike): $279.95 – August 1st – 2nd

Gold (overnight hike): $279.95 – August 1st – 2nd

Qualifying Journeys – Bronze, Silver & Gold

We operate our Qualifying Journeys in the backcountry of Mt Seymour Provincial Park. This makes access for participants very easy and also allows us to push further back into the far reaches of the park.

This is your Qualifying Journey. We give youth the power to make their own decisions in the backcountry. Under the supervision of an experienced guide, participants will be given the opportunity to make decisions and really create their own adventure!

We cover a variety of topics on trip, such as navigation, wilderness first aid, leadership, leave no trace ethics, backcountry camping 101 and more. We aim to have our participants leave our programs with confidence in their abilities and the skills required to plan and safely implement their own hiking adventure.

Join us this summer for your Duke of Ed adventure!

Qualifying Journey Pricing & Dates

Bronze (2 days, 1 night): $279.95 – August 1st – 2nd

Silver (3 days, 2 nights): $379.95 – August 12th – 14th

Gold (4 days, 3 nights): $479.95 – August 20th – 23rd

Participants must have completed the Preliminary Training and Practice Journey prior to participating in a Qualifying Journey (whether with us or independently). Participants who complete their Practice Journey with us will receive a 10% discount on their Qualifying Journey.

Please note: you must register with Duke of Ed before you come on a trip with us in order for it to count towards your Award. If you have any questions about our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programs, please get in touch for more information.

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